What If I Do Not Stop Smoking?

What If I Do Not Stop Smoking?

Hello World. Let’s Talk about what can be if you don’t stop smoking:

* Your overall health condition will be deteriorating even though you are alive and cancer free.
* Your breath will smell and people may keep a distance when you speak.
* Your teeth are stained and instead of white, they will be looking like something yellow brown.
* The continuous cough and phlegm is another profit from smoking.

A considerable drain of your income is an added bonus. Oh… Yes, you have that extra to spend. But consider the health related risks which you cannot spare. glass bongs

* Your breath becomes shorter and shorter.
* You are unable to do physical activities long.
* Your stamina is lessened.
* You make sounds while trying to run a short distance.
* Unable to join in a game that needs physical exertion,
* Lack of concentration, confidence and joy, you become an aimless man.

Still you don’t feel anything abnormal… No worry. Go on smoking. Hold it… why can’t you think about your siblings who are looking at you for a habit or style to mug up. Look at those little eyes which are now pure and white which will be cloudy and shadowed. No I don’t think you like it much.

There are reports about the decreased life expectancy of a smoker.

Worry not… if you feel this world is not for those men like you and hell is a better option.

But if you think you want to see the sun forever, as I, quitting smoking is a milestone. Every man does not like every food. The taste of different variety is different. But still a man like you may want to feel the tastelessness in every food you eat. The smoking will help you achieve this.

Nowadays, I feel, smokers are not easily accepted. Can’t you see every building and gatherings are filled with the board NO SMOKING? It is not that colonial era where every hero smokes.

The pipe is fitted into the mouth of every gentleman as if it were there when they were born. The old classic stories and movies embellish the scene further. Whenever, somebody was in serious thinking, or was feeling emotion, the pipe becomes an inevitable component to show the sentiments. They felt that the smoke can quickly solve the problems.

But now, everybody knows that this may only add to the already problematical life. You need to worry about your health, too. Good, some people do not like vacant life which is full of joy. They feel, and heard from the philosophers that the life is an amalgam of sorrow and happiness. You may want this worry to be mixed up with your life, go on friend. But the only trouble in this approach is that, when you are suffering, some other souls, they feel that you are important to them in some way are also paining. And what is all about if they don’t want sorrow as one of their life ingredients. Well, it is you to think everything.


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