On the Grapevine – London’s Top Wine Bars

On the Grapevine – London’s Top Wine Bars

Entertaining friends and family at home is an excellent alternative to going out in these difficult economic times. For many entertaining has always been a challenge between spending time with your guests and serving them. As many seasoned entertainers know the answer to enjoying their own party is planning, organizing and preparation. Foods can be prepared a day or more ahead of time as well as cleaning your home. The day of the party is busy with putting out the plates and utensils, adding decorative accents, candles and more. And with the popularity of wine, serving it at a party is always an excellent idea.

Here are some ideas for making your wine selection accessible, organized, a part of your elegant party decor and best of all self serve. Use your wine racks. That’s right, use your wine racks! A selection of table top wine racks can be very useful to display and organize your selection of wine that you will be serving at your party. 호스트빠

Main bar or drink area:

For your main bar or drink area use a larger wine rack with 5-10 spaces for wine bottles to display and hold the wines you have chosen to serve at your dinner event. This wine rack will hold the wine bottles that will replace the ones already made ready to serve. Place the wine rack already filled with the chosen wines you will be serving set off to the side of the table area and closer to the back. Place beside it your wine opener of choice so it is visible and easily accessible for your guests. For your white or rose wines have a beverage tub nearby. Your white wine and other chilled wines, go in the tub. Additional white wine bottles are stored in the wine rack along with the back up red wines you are serving. Then when guests finish up one bottle they will look to the wine rack to replace it allowing you to relax and enjoy the party. To encourage your party guests to comply with your self serve wine bar, set up in an attractive eye catching frame a message requesting they refill the wine bucket if they took the last of a certain bottle of wine. A trash can nearby would be a good idea also for the guests to dispose of the emptied wine bottles. However if as a host you feel that is getting a bit too tacky, just swing by the bar area occasionally and dispose of the emptied bottles yourself.

Put smaller wine racks in several locations:

Another idea is to put smaller wine racks and wine buckets in several locations around the entertaining area of your house. Put one outdoors on the deck, one in the great room where people may be sitting and chatting, and one in your main food serving area. Think about it. Often hosts put trays of finger foods around in different areas for easy accessibility by their guests. The same concept works for your wine selection. Your guests will love the accessibility and so will you. And there will not be a large clump of people hanging around your bar serving area.

Entertaining with wine can be simple and fun. With these suggestions the party will not only be enjoyed by the guests but the hosts as well. No need to continually run to your wine cellar or wine closet for more wine bottles. Be prepared, be relaxed and serve wine at your next party. Enjoy!


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