Elderly GPS Tracker Offers Safety

Elderly GPS Tracker Offers Safety

Families Calling Upon GPS For Safety

The two things that are certain in this world are death and taxes, but before death comes the aging process. Getting older is something that every person has to deal with and sometimes that is a much more challenging process for seniors impacted by degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, Alzheimer’s and dementia not only present challenges for the people affected by the degenerative diseases but also for family members, friends and loved ones. This is because the inability to remember and tendency to wander are situations that are worrisome for all parties. Thankfully, a new form of monitoring technology known as GPS tracking is bringing some small peace of mind to senior citizens facing memory related challenges. android gps spy 

One of the primary issues most senior citizens with Alzheimer’s or dementia face is wandering. Seniors facing these hurdles have difficulty recalling what time of the day it is or even what year it is, resulting in wandering at all times of the day. This wandering can put the seniors in very dangerous situations that can many times be life-threatening. Real-time GPS trackers are able to combat this very sensitive issue by offering families with seniors facing dementia the ability to instantly find any elderly person who could be lost.

Two of the main features that make GPS trackers popular for senior safety applications are the real-time positional data that is accessible at all times via a web-based monitoring program and geographical fencing that sends out alerts via text message and email if a senior leaves an area designated by family members to be safe. With a web-based monitoring platform accessible with username and passcode, family members and friends from all over the United States can view where a at risk senior is located. Both live updates and past movements are easily accessible.

Although having real-time locational updates is by far the most important feature a GPS tracker can have, geographical fencing also is key in helping families. This is because concerned family members can create a safe zone over the digital mapping program. If a senior citizen wanders outside of this safe zone the GPS tracker will then send out an alert to family members via email and text message stating the senior citizen is outside of the safe zone. This is a amazing feature because the very moment a senior citizen wanders off and puts themselves in a potentially dangerous situation the family can alert the proper caregivers or local law enforcement agencies.



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