Bereavement Poems – How They Add Meaning to a Funeral Service

Bereavement Poems – How They Add Meaning to a Funeral Service

While the funeral business is recession proof, it is important to keep all equipment used for funeral services in brand new shape. It is extremely important to maintain and properly care for the casket lowering device and make sure it runs quietly and smoothly each and every time. pemakaman muslim

Store the device in a clean, dry place, preferably under a canvas cover or tarpaulin. It is important not to expose the device to the elements and risk rust or even dust getting into the components. Always keep it polished with a dry, clean cloth and wipe away any moisture from rain or snow. Use a metal polish regularly to keep it looking new. Even though the device is not usually seen by the clients, it is important to give it a brand new, polished look.

It is important to oil the machine’s governor and brake assembly at least once a month to maintain the equipment and extend the life of the device. Use SAE 30 weight motor oil and liberally apply the oil between the disc brake and governor dis. Regular oiling will keep the device operating smoothly and quietly.

It is important to keep the casket lowering device gears properly lubricated as well by using a heavyweight grease such as Citgo Lithoplex CV #2 grease. Periodic greasing the gears will protect against wear and tear as well a corrosion from moisture whether it’s the humidity in the air or from rain. Apply a thick layer of grease to the threaded area of each gear to ensure quiet service.


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